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    spun hub/impeller?

    Newbie with 96 gti. great little ski. I have boated all my life but new to pwc's

    spun something... it doesnt want to bite the water and get up on plane. Just revs up. I can finesse it up on plane and then it does fine but i know i have something to fix.

    what did I break and what is the fix?

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    Sounds like a wear ring. Or you have something clogging your intake grate

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    Ill tell you what, it is damn near impossible to clog a GTI intake. We have a few and im impressed with how well they suck up and spit shit out. Anyways, wear rign or a bent impeller, when you remove the impeller pump it will be obvious.o...not that hard of a repair, just be sure that you get all the bolts off and on in the right order. I would buy new sainless bolts and put a good amount of fresh anti sease as well, retourque to specs and youll be good on the final stages. Id go through all the steps but this manual does it a lot better.

    I assume the 07 are the same as the 06 but its probably completely different? is your a 4 tec? here is the manual either way, it gives a good step by step on removing and intalling a new wear ring, shouldnt take more then an hour or two. Setting up and getting everything ready will take the longest. Check your grease under the nose cone as well and see how it looks. You might replace the bearings and save yourself any headache down the road. Good luck .

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    i will take apart and check....

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    I had the same problem this weekend with my 96 GTI, but it wouldn't go anywhere. I was rippin down the CT River, came to a wake zone and when I got back on the gas it just spun. We couldn't really see inside it in the water but when I pulled it out we could see the wear ring was shot. I pulled the pump off on Monday and this is what we found.

    The big chip is from a screwdriver

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The other side

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sorry upon installing the pump lats night I seen the splines were bad on my drive shaft and then check the prop, they where gone. I called SBT this morning and got a shaft and prop overnighted for just under 400 bucks

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