This was the first time taking the boat 2004 Speedster 200 out since we purchased it and didnt have a area to test drive it first so it is my own fault . Oil is fresh, new spark plugs- old ones looked good but changed them anyway before our outing......

Anyways it ran fine, but after running it for about 10-15 mins the port engine "check engine " came on. The rps were the same and we couldnt visually see anything wrong with the motor. I unplugged the DESS key and put it back on and the light went away. Noticed between 1000-3000rps the both engines were equal, however 4,000 rpms and up the port engine (the problem one) was 300-400 rpms lower than the other. The light came on 10 or so mins later again and removing the key cleared the light. Any ideas? I hope its a exhaust sensor and not a hard to read knock sensor error but I guess the dealer is the only way to find out? Top speed was only 40-42mph.

Next issue is it seems to have cavitation out of the hole. RPMs would be 5000 and the boat didnt get up and go like I would have thought but it would then hook up and go like a bullet. Top speed only hitting 40 mph with 4 adults, seemed slow to me. Wear rings are bad?

Lastly there was a lot of water or more than I would have thought in the hull. Sitting in the water I couldnt see anything leaking except a few drops from a thru hull cable and some around the bailer tube and more around the cable that moves the intake grate but we are talking little drops. I will seal those up with some 5200. The bilge would run for a min and remove all the water and after a 15 min ride there would be more again. There was no water splashes on the motors or around the drive shafts or any spray from perhaps a leak in a hose. Where are some other common places water enters while riding?

Thanks guys for any info that can help