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    Well after one STX 1100 blowup, I bought another one!

    Hey guys,
    A couple weeks ago I lost a piston in my 98 STX with 75 hours, I ordered a new engine for it, but in the meantime I was scouring craigslist for other parts when I found a guy selling another STX just like mine and he only wanted $600. He said he couldn't get it to start this season for some reason, but he put new plugs in it with a new battery. When I got it home I noticed the fuel shutoff was not in the on position so I turned it to on and I just put some fuel in the carbs since it had no primer kit. What do you know?? She started up and ran strong. 120 compression across the board! ONLY 80 hours too!

    Sorry just had to bragg. $600 with a trailer and cover. I say I did good!

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    Always nice to fall into those deals. My nephew has picked up a couple that had nothing more wrong with them than a blown fuse in the electronics box. Replace the fuse and they fire right up.

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