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    Im putting it here first! Because you guys deserve first dibs.

    Alright well I know up front this is technically the wrong section to post this, and I will also put this in the classifieds. But all of you guys here are the ones that have helped me so much so far. I am starting school and full time work as of tomorrow and just dont have the time to mess with the skis anymore. So that leaves me no choice but to either sell as is or part out. I have a 1996 SLTX in freaking fantastic shape in and out, like never touched water the hull is clean, the inside, the pump the engine, everything. Also have a 1997 SL1050 that is a lot dirtier but this one runs on a couple cylinders just needs some love. So unless someone wants to buy one or both of them I am parting them out and that includes electronics. With 2 sets of updated style kits and an extra set of old style ignition, and a couple other CDI's. Anyways I am coming here first because you guys deserve first chance. I have every single part for both of these skis and will test and describe before sending. Thanks please send PM's.

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    Post your asking prices for the complete machines, in case there is interest.

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    Dallas/ Fort Worth area, I can deliver individually considering they are on single trailers up to 300 miles away for cost of gas. I would like to see $3000 each individually or $5000 for the pair. Might be a little high but i sunk too much into them in the first place. I am open to all offers, trades, etc. cars, computers, other running jet skis, etc.

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    Compression on the SL1050 which is the one that runs but is missing on one cylinder is 115,120,100 I have not done a test on the SLTX but it feels much tighter and drains my battery way quicker during starting than the SL so I am assuming numbers higher than that.

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    u wouldn't happen to have a cdi update kit for the 1999 sltx would u ?

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    your more in the $2000 range for running skis each,and probably $1000 for them not running each on trailers

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    I know they arent worth that much, thats why Im looking to part out.

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    Other than the electrical stuff, the parts aren't worth much either. All of the other parts are kind of a dime a dozen. There seems to be a lot more parts out there than people looking to buy them.

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    Yep I might just sell the electronics then sell the engines as cores to anyone who wants the whole thing, then scrap the hulls. If anyone needs any parts for these things I will be very reasonable with prices. Only things that are worth a good amount are the electronics and thats because I paid a bunch for them too.

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    Still have 1 full set of updated ignition and 2 sets of old style. And any other part anyone could want or need from these skis.

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