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    Earthing cable not working on engine block...!! Help..!

    I've got a very funny situation. My ski will not wake up. After spending countless hours, we have finally come down to the earthing cable. When it is screwed onto the body, the is no earth. But if i put the cable anywhere else on the engine block, it works perfectly. Can someone please tell me why is this happening...? Do i need to chage the mounting pint of my earth cable on the engine..? The point where the cable meets the block is clean. No corrosion. but since i ride 100% sea water, the engine has some corrosion on it.

    Any input will be much appreciated...!


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    the body is fiberglass and the engine block is metal...?

    by earth i'm assuming you mean ground..
    fiberglass is not a conductor your engine block is..

    I never followed my cables but i'm assuming the engine is on the (negative -) side of the battery terminal

    the cable could be corroded on the inside where you will never see it.. especially if riding in salt water all the time..

    test the cable measure it for resistance if it reads anything about .2 ohms replace it..

    buy or make a new ground cable..

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    battery and the wire harness grounds/earth are on the front of the motor near the gas tank
    there are no grounds on the body/hull

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    Look here :-
    Post 14 shows a picture of 3 bolts under the ID plate.
    These are the earthing points.

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    Use a star washer between block and cable so it bites into both.

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