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    No more two strokes, sold my 98 GTX Limited.

    Last year I was riding a 96 GTX and a 98 GTX Limited this year I ended up with a 2005 GTX SC and a 2004 RXP.

    Friday afternoon the last two stoke, my 98 GTX Limited, was sold to someone looking for a project as it needed a new top end. The 98 was a great ski and served me well for many years it got compliments on it's style and colour scheme would tow anything hooked behind it and until this year never gave me any problems and was one of the most reliable skis I have owned. I guess getting a little older changes you I don't want or need to be the fastest on the lake I just want something extremely reliable that only requires general maintenance so it was time to move on to the 4tec models. I was originally considering a good used 155hp GTX or GTI model for the simplicity and reliability. My friend owns a BRP dealership and called me this spring about a pair of 05 GTX SCs that he just took in on consignment, the price was right so I bought one of the pair. The 05 was a mint one owner ski dealer serviced since new and only had 62 hours on it I got all the service records since new and it had the supercharger rebuilt at 54 hours. It now has over 120 hours on it, the original owner took seven years to put on 62 hours it only took me one summer.

    The 04 story is here

    I love these four strokes, smooth, powerful, nice riding and handling hulls and they are just gas and go. I hope to get many trouble free years out of these machines before moving on to the next models. I always wonder what will they come out with next ?

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    Rest In Pieces 2 Smokes...

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    Congrats on your recent purchases canuk. Nice up-grades. Your gonna like the fuel savings AND no more buying 2 stroke oil every couple of weeks! I've done exactly the same thing as you. Last year I bought a new 2012 GTX 155. Picked up a nice 2011 RXT 260 today. Sold my old faithful and trusty Waveraider over the weekend. Have fun with your new machines! BTW... If you ever get the chance to ride on an S3 hull, you'll be even more addicted....

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