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    plz help 95 seadoo xp will turn over till u give it gas then bogs and wont turn over

    I have a 95 seadoo xp that will turn over until u give it some gas to start it then it bogs down and won't turn over at all. You can turn it over by hand a couple of times and it will do it all over again. It all started after the strap that holds the battery in place broke and I hit a huge wave and broke the negative post off the battery and I had to rig it up to work till I got back to the boat ramp due to having my 4 year old son with me all the way on the other side of the lake. When I replaced the battery this is all it will do. Plz help any advise would be greatly appreciated

    Anyone out there that can give me any advice at all?
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    Really no one has any advise

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