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    1995 SLT 750 NO Spark!

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and have come to the site seeking some assistance. I have a 95 SLT 750 with no spark and need advice at what my next steps should be. Currently I have conducted a resistance test of the stator coils and ended up with the following results:

    red/purple to yel spec 0.6 actual 0.5
    red/purple to black spec OPEN actual ~1200ohm
    white/yellow to black spec 220 actual 223
    blue/red to red/white spec 90 actual 92
    red/white to black spec OPEN actual ~22k ohm
    red/white to green/red spec 490 actual 487

    Coils: all tested 0.6 ohm and approx 3300ohm across the primary and secondary windings respectively.

    I have also conducted a compression test in which all cylinders spec'd close to 130 psi. I have disconnected the Black/yellow wire to eliminate the lanyard kill switch.

    Now thinking that the last link was the CDI I replaced it with a unit sourced locally however I am not positive its good as it came from a blown up machine. Numbers on both CDIs read F8T32071 16720101.

    Also the battery is a brand new Die Hard 16-CLB.

    Essentially I have two questions:

    1. Should I be concerned about the results of my stator test regarding the OPEN circuits?

    2. Also is there anyone with a working machine similar to mine that is willing to let me ship them a CDI to confirm its proper operation?

    Thanks guys in advance for your time

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    Welcome to the HULK!

    The impedance issues with the stator are likely the problem. Any connection on the red/purple to the black is a short, +12v direct to -12v....

    I can test your CDIs for you. PM me if interested.....

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    Is this impedance issue a common mode of failure for the stator? I assume the remedy is to pull the flywheel and replace the stator with a new unit, but thats alittle more in depth than I was hoping to go at least this late in the season. I would however like to take you up on your offer and confirm that my CDI is in fact functional. Do you believe it worth it for me to trace the stator wiring harness or would this failure present inside the coils of the stator?

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    I can't really comment on whether this is a common mode of failure for the stator. I would take the time to inspect the wire harness full length. Perhaps you have a mechanical short somewhere along the harness.

    I replied to your PM.

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