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    RXP Cylinder Head Fit

    A 2006 RXT cylinder head will work on a 2005 RXP right? I am under the impression most all 4tec cylinder heads are swappable with other years and this right?

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    You would need to run it with the 2006 roller rocker shaft as well as take out the oil restrictor in the block.

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    If the head comes complete with the rockers, valves, everything...then all I need to do is remove the oil restrictor? I already have the entire block open and split...where is the restrictor?

    Will that apply to any newer year head as well? What is my best option price wise for replacing the head on the 2005 rxp since I will also need all new valves? I dropped a valve as is typical with that year. I am just looking for the most economical, but not POS replacement.

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    Where is the oil restrictor in the block?

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    it's in the oil passage right below the head gasket. it's easy to see. Good luck getting it out. When you take it out make sure that u get the oil passage clean. Someone i no Spun a bearing after taking his out.

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