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    1996 Sea Doo XP 787 cc VTS smoking with blown fuse?

    Just registered guys and gals. Love riding my 1996 sea doo xp. When I purchased it earlier this year the trim didnt work and the impellor was all the way down. I noticed the 7.5 amp fuse was blown and I put a fuse in to see if I could get the impellor up out of the water a little bit. Put in a new fuse and trim went up and down and I left it in the middle and went out riding and didn't hit the trim up/down button at all. I was done riding for the day and shut the sea doo off at the boat ramp while I back the trailer in the water to load it up and it wouldn't fire back up (no beeps or anything when key was inserted), so I just pushed it onto the trailer and came back home. Noticed the 7.5 amp fuse was blown but also the fuse in the front (think it was a 5amp) replaced the 5 amp and had power again and all was fine.

    But then I went out again last night with the blown 7.5 amp fuse but impellor in the middle and smelled a burning wire smell when I was out. Came back home and popped the seat off, key inserted and a little smoke coming from the VTS oval box that has the motor and stuff in it. How is this getting power with a blown fuse in? Can I disconnect a wire to make sure no power at all is going to the VTS oval box? Does the VTS have any other purpose other than moving the impellor up or down? I don't want to replace the VTS as I dont really use trim much. With my other jet skis I just leave it in the middle and ride.

    It was kind of scary seeing smoke coming from the VTS and afraid to go out riding anymore. By disconnecting it or something am I going to lose anything else like speed, charging of the battery or something, if so then I will replace with a new one but I don't want to replace unless more than impellor position is at stake.

    Any help I appreciate it.

    Also it seems like when the 7.5 amp fuse was not blown for the 1 day I did ride with it before it blew, the ski went a little faster than it did when the fuse was blown not sure if thats anything to do with the trim fuse or just something else causing the sea doo to go a little slower.

    Sorry its all kind of jumbled in here and not sure what some correct terms are but Labor Day weekend is coming around and I want to make sure this sea doo is running good for that weekend and not going to catch fire while out on the lake.

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    Well popped off the VTS oval cover by the 3 latches that house the VTS motor and tons of water came gushing out and motor looks to be kind of rusty in there. Let it dry for awhile with cover off, then replaced cover and put a new 7.5 amp fuse in and trim does move up and down again. Went out riding for a little while again today and fuse blew and smelled that burnt wire smell again so rushed back in to shore and docked again for the day. Is this thing getting power yet with fuse blown or what?

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    Perfect timing. I wrote a blog post about VTS motors just today.

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