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    Question 94 SLT dies in rough water


    I have a 1994 SLT 750 it runs great rides great etc..... However when ever I get into rough water and the ski bounces or jumps it dies. It also dies when I do a spin out. It almost always starts right back up, however sometimes I have to crank it a bunch like it loses fuel to carbs or something. Not really sure where to start, fuel, spark, ground wires, etc... Any help would be great!

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    Have you inspected or replaced the fuel lines inside the fuel tank?

    What fuel system maintenance have you done recently?

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    I have not done anything except ride it. has always rode great the trouble seemed to start after I put the filter in the fuel water seperator. I tokk the filter back out but it didnt seem to make a difference. Also I have rode 3-4 tanks of fuel through the machine so I am pretty sure its not bad fuel.

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    Could be the lines in the tank, does it do it on the reserve setting too? There are 2 lines for fuel one for reserve that goes to the bottom of the tank & the normal on goes about 3/4 down, one or the other could be degraded enough that they are leaking & when the fuel moves around in rough water or a spin you could be sucking air, also your fuel pump could be on the weak side, has this ever been rebuilt? Could be sediment in the fuel tank that gets to the fuel pickup & when the engine quits, its drops back off. There should be an inline filter(s) before the fuel switch, no need for one in the water seperator, if theres no filter before this, some of that sediment could be getting to the fuel switch. I would use some compressed air & blow from the fuel seperator back to the tank on both fuel settings.

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