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    Did I cook my starter relay ???

    I was trying to check compression after the rebuild and it turned over once. I left it and charged the battery out of the ski,then installed it (correct terminal hook up) tried to start it again this evening and had a strange buzzing noise from the electrical box ?? No wall it does is buzz and will not even try to turn over. The negative terminal got crazy hot. So now I am just at a lost. Did I some how fry my starter relay ?

    Can I check,it some how or do I need to remove the whole electrical box and replace the starter relay? need help guys


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    Now it won't even try to buzzing from the elec Box or anything ? When i hit the start button the alarm sounds right away because I have no fuel in the tank but that is all that happens. I tried to hook it up to the battery charger and give it a crank and same thing nothing happens just the alarm.

    Any ideas guys ?


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    Figured it out somehow the starter seized......thank god for the donor ski !! New starter in and it cranks over like a bat outa hell !!


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