Hello Every one. So the story goes something like this. I rebuilt the motor of my 1998 kawasaki 1100 because the pto side piston was fried from previous owner. Motor ran fine for about 13 hours then my buddy flipped the jetski and water was all over the engine. I opened the head pumped out as much water as i could and cranked the motor. Ran fine for 3-4 hours after replacing the spark plug. Middle of the lake motor died all of a sudden came back home and found out that pto side piston fried Again. Crankshaft took a big hit too apparently. I did rebuilt the carb first time and checked it many times. Also my head was little pitted but i used it after some polishing. I am including some pictures so that you guys can tell me maybe what the heck went wrong in the same damn piston. ANY HELP IS REALLY APPRECIATED Click image for larger version. 

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Btw do you guys think that the crank case is too beat up to reuse ? And is it necessary to polish the new head i got from ebay? looks like its machined and bead blasted..