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    New to me STX it!

    Bought a 2006 STX 12 F with 76hrs...looks immaculate. Got it for my daughter. We ran it yesterday and everything seems fine. The Yami guys wanted me to get a Yamaha, but this was the best deal for my budget...paid $3200 with aluminum trailer. Anything I should know about this ski?

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    I personally only run 93 octane fuel in mine but it is supposed to run on 87, the extra is just cheap insurance. They are great skis, I have 240 hours on mine and have only been through 2 sets of spark plugs. If you run into any issues please have a look through my troubleshooting thread in my signature. Otherwise enjoy, its the most fun hull on the market and as long as you keep it clean and dry when you put it up it will run forever.



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    If you can check the part number stamped on the ECU, if the last 4 number are NOT 3736 make sure to always run premium fuel, numbers 3729 & 3732 had detonation issues. The 12F is one of the most fuel efficient skis ever made, enjoy it.

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    I had an 03 and loved it just as much as my 08 15f. Fun ski!

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    Mine has 3732 on it. The guy I bought it from said he always ran 89 or better non ethanol gas. Should I keep doing what I'm doing or try and change the ecu. I hate to do anything because the ski is spotless inside the motor area and looks and runs great. The only thing I found wrong with it was a few gelcoat chips on the bottom that I am repairing now.

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    I have a thread on the damage that can be caused by poor fuel oct , after a rebuild I mistakenly fueled up with 87 oct and ate a piston as a result, after the rebuild this time it will be labeled high oct only regardless of the ecm #s, just a word of caution, very satisfied with the ski thou.

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    Do you think I should change the ecu to 3736? I wil try to start running 93 in it. Probem is finding 93 non ethanol, 89 is the norm for non ethanol around me...unless I'm at the lake. Do yall ever run injector cleaner, seafoam or fuel additive to keep injectors clean?

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    ethanol in a 4 stroke is only a problem when left untreated during extended storage, treat fuel before offseason in preparation of storage @ 1/4 tank and start and run at least twice a month, seafoam for cleaning intake and fuel system but not during storage as it is alcohol based, alcohol and ethanol will both absorb water over time, the 3736 is what I will add at some time latter but will also label and use 93 oct as these engines have very high compression #s.

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    Well,my daughter put 4-5 hrs on then12f this weekend. Everything was ran great! Couldn't be happier.

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    I bought a 06 stx12f brand new in 06 and the only trouble I have had was the fuel pump and regulator dying from the California ethanol fuel and the water temp sensor in the exhaust manifold malfunctioning. So far so good. Im at almost 90 hours. I have always ran 87 in mine with no problems.

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