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    Picked up my first Jet Ski....For $150..Dont laugh

    Picked up this ski from Vermont for $150.00. No idea how long it sat on the ground uncovered for. Border guy laughed at me bringing it back to Canada.Click image for larger version. 

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    Brought it to a buddie's, pulled and cleaned the carb, flushed the tank, reasssembled and put in a fresh batt. Primed the system and first attempt at starting;

    So pulled the exhaust and the starter. Was corroded as all hell. Cleaned it up and had to use lube and light taps to free up the brushes, re-assembled and tried again...

    Take two;

    Took it to a small lake to try it out..Got a video but I won't post it as it's imbarrassing to watch me....but my god are these skis fast...Even with my legs dragging behind it. Can't for the life of me figure out how to stand up. Not bad for $150..

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    great find

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    loved my 650.... you will have a blast riding it

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    Sounds like a deal to me!

    You do know that you should NEVER run the water when the engine isn't running, right? Start engine, turn on water. Turn off water, turn off engine.

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    Yes I do..Thanks for the advice. Made sure to shut the water off before killing it. I own a sea-doo jet boat and use the same procedure to run it on land. Anyone have tips on how to stand up on these things?

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    Watch plenty of youtube vids, take note of the many epic fails, take lessons from ppl that know what they are doing... I'll take a couple of these for $150 a piece, mostly because i would like to see all my friends get whipped by them...

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    Great find. Those older enines are pretty resilient. Try to start off kneeling. The faster you go the easier it is to stand. It takes time but you'll get it. Chris

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    I noticed on the engine hood cover your missing one of the rubber tubes that goes down from the cover. You should have that cause if you get it on it side or doing some aggressive riding as a beginner, it will dump water right into the engine air intake(flame arrestor).I have the same ski, they are lots of fun, very durable, and have enough power to enjoy.

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    Thanks for the tip..Probably saved me from a long swim...I never even noticed that there was an inlet there. Can anyone comment on the required length of the tube, and a good material to use? Downspout, or maybe a king can?[VIDEO]http://i298.
    Click image for larger version. 

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