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    SUV 1200 Part out or fix and sell

    I have a 2001 SUV 1200 with just a tad of over 100 hours. Only run in fresh water. I'm trying to decide If I should go through the hassle of parting it out, selling as is, or sticking in a new SBT motor. Compression test shows 70psi front, 72psi middle, & 40psi in the rear. PWC is clean and was always out of the water when not in use. I'm mechanically inclined so that is not an issue. Just wanted to get some thoughts if I should spend the $1000.00 for the SBT motor + my time to get it running and sell. (FYI, I already have 3 other PWC's so I will be sold off somehow.

    Thank you.
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    Joe Im all for keeping these old boats alive ! If your mechanically inclined then rebuild the motor yourself. Its vary rewarding ! Personally I would stay away form a sbt motor.

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    I will take it off your hands

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    Things to consider:

    What is the going rate for a 2001 SUV in your area if it were in running condition?

    What exactly is wrong with it, and how much would it cost to repair it? (KEY FACTOR)

    When I repair it and sell it for the going rate, how much money will I wind up with? (No one will pay you for a replaced motor, but it may be worth your while to fix the problem. Margins will be tight here. IMHO you should stay away from SBT motors.)

    If I were to invest my time and part it out, how much money could I get for the crank, cases, gauge cluster, etc., and what would the total be? (Go to the "For Sale" section and find out what you can get for these components.) You have to figure what your time is worth here also.

    Could I find someone who is willing to invest their time to repair it for themselves and get a profit as high as when I parted it out or fixed it and sold it as a running unit?

    Some one out there with mechanical skills is looking for a family cruiser like yours. Find the base price you are willing to sell it for, put it up for sale on this forum, find local riders/tuners in your area and let it be known that you have it for sale, and some one will knock on your door. The best chances for you to sell it for the best price is in the early spring, and the worst price in the fall. Patience is a virtue here.

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    I'd definitely be interested, but I have TOO many projects lined up in the garage and no space for anything more! I would much rather do a good top end and clean the carbs rather than put an SBT in, but that's based on just all the observations rather than direct experience with SBT. I don't really like the idea of sleeved carbs or non-stock parts that aren't markedly better than stock.

    Does it run now? You should do a quick pressure test to see if the seals are bad too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmc View Post
    I'd definitely be interested......I would much rather do a good top end and clean the carbs rather than put an SBT in......
    Does it run now? You should do a quick pressure test to see if the seals are bad too.
    This is the kind of potential buyer that you are looking for, someone who knows what they are looking at and sees its value. This buy could be mutually benificial for both parties.

    Notice the common theme and attitude about SBT motors?

    KMC, I'm not saying that you are the guy to buy this craft. I'm saying you are the type of guy that should get it.

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    I like to see these machines live on too If you get it running yourself, you should get your money back out of it when you sell. They've been going for anything from $3K to $5K in running condition. I've seen a few of them fetch a high price in non-running condition, but the average person, while they may want it, aren't willing to pay top-dollar for it.

    In my experience, there's nothing wrong with SBT motors as long as you fix whatever caused the old motor to blow. Rebuild the carbs, make sure the oil lines are long enough and clamped well so they don't pull off, etc. My two-stroke SUV blew it's original because the crank seals were bad and now has a 2-year old SBT motor with 125psi in all three. My first SUV had a bad regulator diaphram in one of the carbs and blew that cylinder. That SBT engine only had 30 hours on it and the previous owner didn't fix the original problem - the carbs.

    You don't often hear of a bad motor because SBT did something wrong with it, although it happens from time-to-time. With their no-fault warranty, you can't really beat it though.

    You could always do a 4-stroke conversion. I did one and love it. It's in the conversion section if you want to see the build thread.

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    Too bad you are in Chicago, if you are in Kansas City, I will take it off you. I personally find nothing wrong with SBT rebuild. I have one in my SUV, and it is running strong. But for $$ wise, you better rebuild it yourself.

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    I Thank you guys for all the input. I got some things to think about.
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    Need an engine??

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