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    Repeat issue on 96XP, need help, advice?

    Brought my 96xp to our cottage in michigan this past weekend.

    I was out flying and it started to slow down big time all the way to an idle speed even with the throttle held full. It sounded like the pistons were pumping hard but it didn't sound like the engine was reving fast. It was like this for about 2 minutes so I took the seat off, moved it back between my legs, opened my front compartment, got out my phone, and pressed record so I could get a video of the engine and its sound to post so people could hear exactly how it sounded when I gave it full throttle and let off, and OF COURSE, when I went full throttle.... It went back to normal and took right off out of the water.... I was standing up, looking down holding onto the handle bars with 1 hand and my phone in the other.... I almost fell off into the water with my phone... lol

    So I rode it for 10 minutes and it was perfectly fine again. The next time I started it up (couple hours later) same thing. It would only move at idle speed, when I gave it gas it sounded like the engine was pumping very hard but not "fast", and it lasted for about 2 minutes again, then all of the sudden, VOOM. Took off again and rode normal.

    Another member on here, said before when I had a similar issue to this but not the exact same "sounds like your playing stick the piston". You will probably contribute to this again and give me more advice, but I feel like this time it is more "stick the piston".

    If any of you are wondering, I already replaced my grey fuel lines AND did a full carb rebuild and it was running great.

    Any help is much appreciated, as always. Thanks!
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    what's the current engine compression?

    Try running with the gas cap loose..maybe your tank air inlet vent is stuck.

    check the plug with a magnifying glass fo little aluminum balls ( not good if you see em)

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    Did you get you pipe completely sealed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by airbornexp View Post
    Did you get you pipe completely sealed?
    Yes sir! no exhaust leaks and top speed is back up 2-3 km/h since I did sealed.

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