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Thread: Foot mats

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    Foot mats

    What's the best way to get the foot mats off? Going to replace the ones on my 2002 Virage I 800

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    When I replaced mine on the SL900 it took 1.5 days and almost a whole bottle of goof off using a scraper. Better way might be to soften the adhesive with a heat gun then slowly peel the old mats off, then remove any residual adhesive with some goof off.

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    Ok thanks for the reply will do.

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    Goo gone. Took me a couple hours to get them off my Genesis. I used a plastic scraper. I found that it was best to peel a little bit up and then squirt the goo gone along where the it is peeling from the hull while I pulled and I was able to get 3-4 of the pads up without tearing or scraping anymore. I used a small bottle of goo gone and half of a large bottle.

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