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    951 motor in an LRV. starter whirls but motor doesnt turn (with video link)

    bought a 2001 seadoo LRV about a month ago. I just finished replacing all of the fuel lines and rebuilding the carburetors. Everything is ready to roll. I have a brand new $140 fully charged no spill battery attached. I believe that it is the appropriate battery and has the appropriate amount of cranking amps.

    when I bought it, the previous owner bought this brand new battery for it and it fired up just fine in the parking lot prior to the carburetors being even allowed me to do a compression test showing the compression numbers at 130 psi per cylinder.a little low but it sounds about right for a 110 hour ski. I took it home and immediately put it under load on the trailer and it did not try to start. Only the starter wizzed away.

    now with the carburetors rebuilt and new fuel line as well as fresh gas the one gremlin I cannot figure out is why this things will not engage and turn the motor.

    here is a short video clip of the audio and video of what's going on. Hopefully that helps someone diagnose

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    Since this is the inside of an LRV there's a huge amount of open space on the front side of the motor. Is this something that can be done without removing the motor from the hull possibly? I would assume that it is just like replacing one in a Yamaha 1200 where you have to remove the cover and then the flywheel before you can remove the starter bendix correct?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	311953Crap! I just looked at the shop manual and noticed the one part that I had left over after this rebuild that I completely forgot to look up to figure out what it was. Number 14 in this photo. This is the support bracket for the air silencer but also looks like it's the only thing holding the starter in position. If the starter is out of position at all then there's no way it's going to properly engage the Bendex! This is probably why it sounds more like a grinding sound that it does a whirling of a starter. It's probably nicking the Bendix gear. I believe this is definitely going to solve the problem.

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