Hi All- I just purchased a 2001 Seadoo GTS. It will idle fine and run good at full throttle after it takes a second to pull up fuel. So it bogs in between. I am aware of the "grey Tempo line issue" and I plan to pull the carb, clean it thoroughly, replace all fuel line , clean the selector valve, Drain all of the fuel from the gas tank and clean the best I can in the ski.

The previous owner told me he cleaned the carbs and fuel filter and it would run fine for a little bit but would start to "act up" again and he would find dirt in the fuel filter. So I feel confident that the lines are the culprit.

I have seen some excellent write ups on Seadoo fuel system cleaning in here, but wanted to make sure I am not missing or skipping any steps on my particular ski before I tackle the project.

Thanks for any input ...