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    Found out somthing new today

    Hello new to the forum but not new to pwc, I currently have a 13 fx sho absolutely love this ski. I was out the other day and discovered something you guys and girls might not know about our skis with the neutral position, if the trim nozzle is in the first upper position one up from neutral you can have your ski move very slow which can be very beneficial in different areas docking and other areas. In this position the ski moves forward about half the skis normal speed if the ski was in forward position at idle. Well I thought it was pretty cool but maybe that's just me. I'm sure it wasn't intended to be used this way but it works.

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    The boats actually do something similar. I adjusted my reverse gate to make sure that when I was in forward, it wasn't in the path of the nozzle at all, and all the sudden in neutral I creep forward!
    I use it all the time to nose up to docks and pick friends up, then pop it in reverse and it has a moment of dead stop where they can get on easily.

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