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    95 SL750 how to tell if its pumping water?

    My SL750 runs great, but I can't tell if its pumping water when its in the water or not. My MFD doesnt work at all, so I can't tell temp from that, and the only way I could think is take apart the hose fitting on the water inlet line and see if water is being pumped in when its running on the water. does this sound right?

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    Pumping water to what?

    If you are asking about cooling water flow, just put your hand on the various parts of the engine. You should be able to touch, for at least a few seconds, any portion of the engine or exhaust.

    If you can hold your hand there without burning your skin for 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 seconds, that is about right.

    The MFD only displays a HOT warning if the exhaust/engine is overheating.

    If you have inspected the water inlet screen inside the jet pump, then there should be water feed into the cooling system.

    See my signature links for more cooling system info.

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