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    STX 1100 DI gauge cluster stopped working!

    OK, so I admit it, my large boat wake jumping speed may need to be calibrated on my '02 STX 1100 di! Long story short, hit wake too fast and nosed in and crashed real hard. My knuckles busted the plastic cover on my gauge cluster. Moisture got in. It worked for a month or so but then one day it just didn't turn on. Is there a fuse for this or did it just die?

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    it's a's designed to be water resistant(barley)..breech the seal and the clock literally starts counting down to failure. Luckily they can be had for a couple of hundred, even on a bad day.

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    When you install a replacement, make sure to seal the rubber plug and wires on the back with 3M 5200 Fast Cure sealant. The plugs don't seal well when they get old and will let water in if you flip it.

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