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    2004 Yamaha 1200 xlt reverse cable question

    I have a 2004 1200XLT and I need to remove the reverse cable. I was able to remove the nut from where the cable attaches to the reverse arm at the front of the ski. There is a nut that appears to be welded to the cable end which is on the other side from where the nut I removed is. I can't budge it. Is this nut threaded to the arm or what? I have soaked in WD40 and it looks new, no rust corrosion, etc. just won't move. What am I missing or do you have any tips on getting this animal off? Thanks for your time and help.


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    I just removed my reverse cable on my 2001 xlt. I thought I had to remove the metal nut on the pump side of the cable as well. Turns out you have to unscrew the PLASTIC NUT on the inside of the ski. Look in the rear compartment where the battery is. Follow the reverse cable where it goes into the transom. You'll see a black plastic nut. Unscrew it and the cable will slide out. The metal nut where it attaches to the pump has NOTHING to do with removing the cable.

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