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    Hot start issue 07 STX 12F

    On my 2007 STX 12F...I had a hard start issue today...basically endless cranking and it barely wanted to start. I read the be all end all guide.

    Before replacing all of the sensors as described in the guide... is there a good way to test them out first?

    Just to verify...both are the same? The one exhaust manifold + oil pan?
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    Before installing the newer part number 21176-0741 sensor, read this thread.

    Yes, both of the sensors are the same. You have the 21176-3758 sensors from the factory in yours.

    The hot start problem occurred after running the ski for a while and then shutting it down. It would not start back up until the sensor cooled down for about 30 minutes or more.
    In the past some folks have poured cool water over the temp sensor in the exhaust manifold to help cool it down quicker...some had a spare sensor to plug in long enough to get it started...some have a spare sensor wired up on a switch to use when needed.

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    Some take seat off for 2 minutes then start it up.

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