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    Greenhulk brain trust experts needed

    While doing a compression test on my 2004 XLT I noticed a small piece of a rubber O ring from the guage near the spark plug hole. In an attempt to remove it, it feel into the cylinder. Is this something to worry about our will it pass thru withot damaging the engine? The piece of O ring was around 1/4 to 1/2" long. Any comments will be appreciated.



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    It may take a little bit more time, but I would unbolt the head and take a peak down into the cylinder it dropped in. michael

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    you can slowly rotate motor by hand till piston is TDC the try to remove it with tweezers, or bubble gum on a straw or something.....I would think it would just burn up harmlessly tho

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    One possible way if you don't want to remove head get the piston at TDC and then move down until piston is below exhaust opening (which is above the intake side) then use an air compressor to blow it out while holding the driveshaft to keep piston from moving down.

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    I wouldn't worry about it all all - 1st time you start it it'll go out the exhaust

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    I'm with Rick. Rotate by hand to TDC, grab a flashlight (or inspection camera), attach some gorilla tape to the end of a firm but bendable wire (coathanger?) and snatch that o-ring outta there.

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    stuff like that ends up in a bad place, I'd make some efforts to get it out of there. Pulling the head is a bit extreme for a bit of rubber.

    I'd use an oil extractor with a big hose and fill the cylinder with marvel myster oil and hopefully suck it out of there with the o-ring, as you know us pro-fesh-in-ally jetski techs never ever drop something down a plug hole...:0)

    Pull up a chair and let me tell you about the time I had a screw on plug head do a hole in one down the adjacent plug hole when I pulled the plug wire off..

    now I pull all wires first..then remove the plugs (with thanks to "turbo joe" hutchinson, the red headed guru..who kept me making money when he could have screwed me like everybdy esle at the dealership)

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