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    1995 XP trouble.

    Hey guys.

    I have a 1995 seadoo xp with rotax engine. Ran fine last time I was out. Brand new battery. Im having starting issues now. Everytime I try to start it i hear a revving like something wants to spin but it wont turn over. I have a video of the noise.( ) Last time I took it out ( one week ago it was running a little sluggish ( felt like it was slipping at high rpm) I thought it was because i had my Girlfriend on the back. lol.
    Like i said battery is brand new. 12v under load. Could it be the starter or solenoid or something inside the engine? Any help would be REALLY appreciated!

    Thanks .
    Ill post the video clip to youtube now.

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    It's the starter. As the starter turns on the gear pops out and grabs the "fly wheel". Whats happening with yours is the gear is not engaging or popping out. you can pull the starter and sometimes brake it free, lube it, and it will work again. However you never know when i might stick again. Sucks when it happens out on the water !! Best bet is to replace the starter with a new one.

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    if you want to cheap it a new bendix can be found for a little less then a rebuilt starter.

    I'd say go for a new starter. I'd pull the flywheel cover just to make sure water hasn't gotten in there as the seadoo bendix starters are prtty reliable unless they get abused or left wet and rusting.

    grease it up good in any case.

    bit of a pain to get the starter out. be sure to disconnect the battery.

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