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    ultra250x problem

    i was riding yesterday and as i went to leave the shore i heard a rock in the intake grate. so i shut off the ski rock it back and forth, started it back up gave it gas i heard the rock again and like a dummy i decided to give more gas to blow it out. i heard the rock spit out cause i was back to normal speed. seconds later i hear a raddling nosie as the noise goes on the rpms drop n i shut the ski off. then it wouldnt start back up there was no crank. the best way to describe what i heard was da da not da da da da da. so i took off the pump no rock was found but the drive shaft i couldnt turn. are you even able to turn it by hand? i was able to pull it and push it in an out, is that bad? my question is do you think the engine is hydrolocked? thanks.

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    Sounds like you totaled your motor by way of jet pump failure.any alarms codes ?try to Turn the coupler on the actual motor.

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