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    Question New starter, but pistons are not moving?

    Long story short...Just acquired a 1996 Polaris SLT780 for free from the inlaws. No battery, and was told when you try to start it you just get a click. Removed the exhaust pipe and exhaust manifold to get to the starter. Starter was very dirty and stuck. Cleaned it out and test and now turns over fine. I place starter back into slot and screw the screws to hold it in. Attach the pos cable and hit the start button. When i do this the starter turns over and it sounds like it is doing what it should. I still have the exhaust and the mainfold off just to be sure it would turn. I really dont want to put it back together and find out that it would not work. Now my question is this...I know that the crank is good, since i removed the plastic shield and can hand crank the pistons up and down.
    So here is my million dollar question.
    Is the starter suppose to move the pistons up and down even if the spark plugs, exhaust pipe and exhaust manifold are off?

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    The starter motor shaft connects to a Bendix gear assembly just inside the flywheel housing.

    When the starter motor spins, the Bendix gear is supposed to extend, engage the teeth on the outside of the flywheel, and crank the engine.

    If you are hearing a high speed electric motor spinning sound, with or without a gear whine, but the engine is not cranking, then the Bendix gear is probably not working properly.

    To get at the Bendix gear, the cover for the flywheel must be removed. Since you already have the exhaust removed, it would be easier and better to remove the engine from the hull. That way you have easy access to work on the front of the engine.

    See my signature links and the Polaris Tech and FAQ sections for more info, especially regarding common maintenance items and fuel system and carburetor service.

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    A slow spinning starter ( due to low voltage, OR bad starter) can cause the same symptoms. Starter does not spin fast enough to have the bendix engage.

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