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    2012 RXPX Problems - oil leaking, water in cylinders - Please Help!!

    Hey everyone,

    My 2012 RXPX 260 is having some major issues this week. We had it out and it was running really good but the engine light came on and threw a couple different codes (00086, 000157 - these codes seem off, I had the guy riding it take down the numbers but I havent been able to pull them up myself since - is there a way to retrieve the codes once its been turned off and pulled out of the water without taking it in to a shop and scanning for the codes?). We had it in the marina and tried starting it again to see what the issue was and noticed the idle was very rough. Opened the seat to find the hull lined with oil - still cant find where this is coming from exactly yet. Also pulled the plugs when we got home and found water in cylinder 3. Can anyone suggest what might be wrong with this thing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Start By Inspecting your IC. The 11's, 12's to 13's have been bad. They are prone to leak. It maybe filling your engine with water.

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