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    Labor Day Weekend 2013

    Whats everyone's riding plans..

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    South Shore, Long Island NY
    weather forecast isnt so promising, scattered T-storms on Monday. I'll be trying to ride ALLL day Monday. Jones Inlet.

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    Looking at the forecast and not really sure. I got no plans so if you are heading out let me know i will meet up and ride with you...

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    Picked my ski up a day early but it's looking like storms are coming tonight. The wind is already picking up. It has been 80 degrees and sunny all week too!

    Beer burgers and brats are priorities

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post
    Whats everyone's riding plans..
    Hiking in Moab, UT plans of thinking about my jetski this weekend

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatdude596 View Post
    .... brats.....
    The ones in your avatar??

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    Quote Originally Posted by blkturbo! View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post
    Whats everyone's riding plans..
    Hiking in Moab, UT plans of thinking about my jetski this weekend
    If not skiing - this is a great plan! I could not make this year's trek from Dixie. I've got about 5 to 6 friends that will be in the Robber's Roost area (I think) in a week or so...

    Blkturbo - do you ever get on rope or strictly hiking?

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    Hopefully All 3 days I will get out at least a little. Looks like I should see some flat water on Sunday on Lake Michigan, Big waves tomorrow 3-4 footers in the forecast, even bigger a few miles off times

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    Will be out east, montauk and hamptons bays. No riding tho =\

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    parking in view of the boat ramp with a couple of six packs and some food. Only a fool takes a boat out here on labor day weekend ( weekend warriors * 100) I bet that nobody drowns this year ( I got 40 to 1 on that bet btw) we get way too much drinking and boating around here on big weekends. I stay away from the walmart parking lot too!

    NEXT weekend is the big one here with most locals getting it on the water a few more times. Summer is over quick day it's 95...couple of days after that..highs in the 70's..and then whamo. summer is over.

    Everybody stay safe, wear your jackets and stay away from idiots. Oh yeah..don't forget the sunscreen!

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