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    Question MSX 150 Revs high on start - over 6000

    My MSX 150 had water in the oil and a local dealer that has worked on MSX 110s assured me they could save me time and assist. We replaced the Intercooler and I got the updated oil tank from Randy @ WeberPower.

    Now, when it starts the engine seems to rev to infinity, it shot to 6000 before the lanyard could be pulled. Then, in reverse, the limiter stops it going much over 3500 rpm.

    One thing that worried me is that they took of the top of the engine off to get the water cooler out (it had a leak). They had not used the good Polaris advice on Greenhulk!

    Digital wrench provides *no codes*.

    I have not been able to find other advice on this forum.


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    I have now found one new option on this forum - strap it down into the water. We will do that now.

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    Welcome to Green Hulk!

    That sky high reving when the ski is on the trailer (out of the water) is pretty common. Mine does it. After the ski is run a while and the ECU learns the throttle mapping... it's possible to start the ski and have it idle on it's own without reving sky high. But if you try to rev it... it'll go sky high and hang there. This is a known issue we just have to work around. Keep the reverse lever engaged when starting it out of the water. You won't have this problem in the water. It'll idle and rev normally.

    The upgraded oil tanks are a good investment... and it sounds like your ski is all cleaned out and running... from the water in the oil problem.

    Put that puppy in the water and run it. Or strap it to a trailer and run it. You need to get it up to temps for a while to help the oil burn off any condensation moisture in the system from the original water in the oil issue.

    Run it. If it idles smoothly at 1500-1550... and runs up to ~7300 rpms @ ~63mph (indicated)... you are right where you should be.


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    Feedback and confirmation:
    Putting the MSX 150 into the water resolved the high revviing issue. Now, even when it is on the lift, the revving is far less too.

    Of interest, despite the mess from the water and oil mixture, flushing it three times with normal oil and then using the proper oil, I did not need to replace sensors and my top-end is 7250 to 7300.

    Thank you!

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