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    Advice on wedge/nozzle/OPAS block offs - 2008 GTX LTD

    I've got a 2008 GTX Limited with the following mods:

    X charger
    42# injectors
    Fizzle 4" front air
    Solas 15/20R repitched & set back by Speedfreeks
    R&D intake grate
    Filled rideplate holes
    Reverse bucket mod

    Currently running 72-73 GPS @ ~7900-8000 rpms on a hot summer day here in SC. What can I do next that won't affect my AFR? I am looking for a few minor things before going to a wideband and having to tune.

    Would a 2 or 2.5 degree wedge be good? Will I lose hookup? Right now it hooks good out of the hole.

    What about a nozzle? What size?

    Would removal of OPAS add any mph?

    Or how about a modded rideplate? (speedfreeks?)

    I would like to see a solid 75 GPS if possible...
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    Yes, I have done a search... I would like specific information with my hull (GTX/RXT). I found a lot of info on RXP ski's though.

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    ok great, thanks guys!

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    I have a 07 rxt, i never tried the 2degree wedge, i added vts, that made a difference.. i was never after top speed so cannot comment. A turbo helps alot??

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    You need full block offs after 75 or you will bounce like a mofo

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