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    Sooooooo.....Does Boring over 1.5 all 3 pistons in a 1200 xl make it a 1300???

    So I took my 98xl to the lake yesterday and met up with one of my buddies with the same year yami with a original stock engine(1200cc)......we were talking about the ski's and I had mentioned to him that my engine blew up a few months back and I completely rebuilt it with over sized pistons(1.5 bored over)....well we raced a few times around the lake and his stock xl couldnt keep up with GPS was hitting 63-65mph and his was hitting 55mph wot.....he said there is no way that ski is a 1200cc...after I bored my engine over 1.5 on each cylinder it would make it a there any truth to what he was saying......I dont see how boring all 3 cylinders 1.5 over would make a 1200cc into a 1300cc........but mine does take off fast and has great top end than any ski on the water yesterday...

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    No - should make it 1171 cc's. Your stock motor should actually be 1131 cc's. Displacement=bore(84mm) squared x .7854 x stroke(68mm) x number of cylinders /1000.

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    it does give it more power. but 8-10mph..... it unlike. Make sure you are not running lean.

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    1.5 bored over???

    like 1.5 mm over?

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