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    2000 SeaDoo Millenium GTX Carb 951 low RPMs HELP

    Bought a 2000 SeaDoo GTX 951 Carb this year with 100 hours on it. Was running rough so I replaced spark plugs, did rave valve kits, carb kits, replaced fuel lines, pump service, inspected wear ring & impeller (both look fine).

    It runs well, idles well, but won't go above 6000 RPM/50mph - sometimes with the wind behind me, I can hit 6300 and get it to 55mph. I hear these are supposed to go 6800rpm and 60mph?

    Top end makes a little bit of noise - it looks like someone was already in there as bolts are new. I'm frustrated - is there anything else I can check to increase the RPMs before I do a top end? Or should I settle for 6000rpm and 50mph?


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    If you are fouling plugs a lot and your tach is jumping all over the place then your ignition coils could be bad. I had the same problem for a whole season then installed some used coils and had a whole new rxdi.
    Those last 800 rpms are the fun ones.

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    Have you inspected the water regulating valve? Maybe it's bad and dumping too much water into the exhaust?

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