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    Help speeding up the ol' SLXH 1050

    So my dad is tired of my bike being faster than his. He has a 97 Tigershark Daytona 770. I am only a few mph faster than him. He is now upgrading to a '99 Tigershark TSR1100. I cant let him be faster than me lol. The fastest Ive had my bike is 60MPH GPS. My average MPH is around 58. Not sure what this new Tigershark is going to do. He like to get out in front of me and blast me with a huge wall of water that is usually riddles with debris shit out of the river. Ive went through alot with my ski, let people ride it, get it back with a hole in the hull. Not knowing take it out and nearly sink it. In the process it sucked in water and lifted two of the cylinders off the case, busted the water bar and exhaust. So I rebuilt the motor myself using ebay parts. Changed the water bar out for pissers. Well last time I was out I think I experienced pump cavitation. It kinda feels like I am trailing a boat and riding in all their white bubbles in the water. I was looking at the pump and noticed two of the five fins on the stator are broken on the outside. They are all worn on the side with the prop.

    Any Suggestions? No mods done but pissers.

    Also, we live around lakes and rivers in Oklahoma, no oceans.

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    Well, how much do you want to spend, in money and time?

    How much faster do you want to go?

    What RPM is the engine turning at wide open?

    What are the compression numbers?

    Certainly upgrading the jet pump to a good condition stainless steel 6 vane stator might help.

    You can tune and tweak that 1050 for more power, and upgrade the impeller to harness the added power.

    Tuned triple exhaust pipes are hard to find, but they do make more power.

    Or you can swap in a 1200 or larger engine, and go from there.

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    first off replace the stator...normally this shouldnt have any wear/damage and is probably causing the cavitation. Secondly, you'll probably want to check the impeller for damage as well since whatever broke the stator veins probably dinged that up too.

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    Also, those 1100 tigersharks arent speed demons by any means.. should be a close match once you get the pump stuff figured out given everything else is running right.

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    No idea on engine RPM as of recently but a normal 5800RPM sounds about right, the MFD stopped working 2 weeks ago and I'm currently in the process of finding a way to ditch it. It was always ugly as sin anyway. I was thinking about fiber-glassing part of the hood and sticking some analog gauges in a little pod where that fake black wing guard was. Yes I checked the fuse, its not blown. I'll get the compression numbers tomorrow before I hit the lake. Speed, I only want to be 2-5mph faster than him. He is evil when he gets in front of me.

    Anyone have a good SS stator, wedge and aftermarket prop for sale?

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    5800 RPM is low for that engine. Should be around 1000 higher.

    The primary thing you need will when tweaking and tuning is a reliable tachometer. Everything is measured by RPM, not indicated hull speed. The Polaris MFD was one of the better digital displays at the time these machines were new.

    Each time you make a change, RPM tells you if it was an improvement. The indicated speed is secondary. If really accurate speed numbers are necessary, use a handheld GPS.

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    1050s should be 6400-6500 RPM. So you are missing about 600-700 RPM. Thats a lot. The claim is 100 RPM=1MPH. That should be running 60ish, maybe 61 MPH. Get your pump sorted out and see what happens. Pics are great too so we can see what you are looking at.

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    According to my August 1999 issue of Personal Watercraft Illustrated the TSR1100 was a couple 10th of a mph faster(61.8 vs 61.6) than the SLX1050 & had quicker acceleration too, so you will have your work cut out for you if this TSR is in top running condition, Is the SLXH you have a '97 or '98? The '99's should have had the 6 vain pump stator, but not the older ones, as I remember the tests on a 97 or 98 were a 2mph slower. Definately replace your pump stator, 6 vain & stainless if possible. I would also upgrade your impeller with a recommended Skat-Trak or Solas impeller, I had good luck with a Skats on my SLTX 1050's There isn't alot available for this ski anymore & it can be very expensive. The 6 vain stator & Skat prop were good for 1 1/2 mph gain together, I also got another 1/2 to 3/4 mph & a little quicker holeshot with V force reeds, but again very expensive. Your ski should already have a pump wedge, going bigger won't help, thats what the trim is for, since your MFD doesn't work you can't tell where it is, so you have to toggle it up & down till you get your best GPS speed & leave it there. Also is your ride plate smooth? Some of the later models may have had a "concave" design to them like the aftermarket plates, these are good for nearly 1 mph too. You won't be able to beat dad by much, but if you can stay in front of him, he can't spray you.

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    get a 6 vane stator for'll be hard to beat off the line with it,also a set of carbon tech petals will improve throttle response

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    I checked the compression today. 120psi on the front cylinder, 115 on the other two. Noticed something on the river today. From 1/2 throttle to full throttle I could hear an increase in engine RPM but I didn't notice a whole lot of speed increase. It gets from 0 to 45 real fast. I'm at 45mph at half throttle. From half to full throttle I get to about 55mph. It feels like that last 1000 rpm does nothing for speed.
    My ski is a 1998 model and its a 5 vein stator. The prop doesn't look chewed up.
    I took the MFD out of the ski today and ohmed every wire to the board. No broken wires or connections. The MFD is trashed.
    The ride plate is one of the smooth ones.

    Which prop do you guys recommend for lake use. The ski has plenty of pick up and go, Top speed is leaving a little to be desired.

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