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    Pisser isn't pissing

    I was out on my 2008 Ultra 250 last week with my girlfriend and we were doing some exploring up the mouth of a river. Water is really murky there so I didn't realize it until too late when I found myself in about 2 inches of water. Needless to say, there was soft mud being sucked up and shot out through my pump.

    When coming back out, I noticed the pisser on the right side wasn't pissing. No water coming out at all. It took about 15 minutes to get back to where I was which I went at about 1/3 throttle then idling for about another 10 minutes.

    I was putting it on the trailer yesterday (The ski is in the water all the time). I took the machine over and was driving it fairly hard for about 25 minutes and no signs of overheating or warnings or anything, but still nothing coming out of the pisser.

    Is this a problem? Maybe just a clog in the pisser line but there is water getting through to the engine?

    Looking for everyones input, thanks!

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    No big deal just pull the hose from the barb on the manifold nlow through it snd use a drillbit or piece of wire to push down the barb you will feel it pop dont be alarmed as you are just making a hole through the gasket

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