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    Zxi 900 carb issue?

    1996 900 zxi. Unit had been sitting for 5 years, drained and flushed fuel system, rebuilt carbs and fuel pumps. Checked reeds, replaced battery, primed oil pump, replaced bearings and seals in jet pump.

    unit starts easily and idles smoothly, but will not rev above 4000, I applied the choke slightly to see if it got better or worse, it got worse, reset hi to 7/8 and lows to 1 1/4, tried again 5000 was the best reset the hi to 3/4 5000 was the best, checked the plugs front and rear looked normal, middle was closed, inspected the piston thru the plug hole, didn't see anything, ran compression check, 125 125 127 installed new plugs, tried again, 5000 was the best I could get, rechecked plugs all 3 looked good, it acts rich but leaning doesn't seem to help. Am I looking in the right direction ?


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    Welcome aboard, Keith!

    Well, the closed gap on the middle plug sounds scary. Any chance you or somebody else may have dropped the plug?

    Usually, if an engine won't rev up it's due to lack of fuel. But a non-firing cylinder would cause that, too.

    Are the RPMs your quoting in the water or on the trailer?

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