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    questions on purpose of a oil hose

    i have a 94 seadoo spi and doesnt have any info for my year of ski!

    the hose goes from the top to the bottum of the oil pump flanged and it used to be full of oil then it was only half filled and not moving. Now it looks like bubbles ( maybe gas, looks clear) coming out of the top of the oil pump flange into the hose but not alot or very far into the hose?

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    pics may help us help you .. not sure what your trying to explain, there should not be a hose form the top to the bottom?

    2 hoses come off the bottom of your oil tank,
    one goes to the oil pump, off the pump comes to 1/8" lines that attach to the rotary cover for each cylinder
    the other hose goes to the lower case below the rotary cover, this supplies oil to the rotary gear in side the case,

    on the opposite side of the cases below the exhaust manifold, there is the return hose that is attached to the top of the oil tank, this hose is normally just full up a few inches,

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