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    Swapping Pistons and Jugs on the 1050

    Got the '97 SL1050 running yesterday, low end shutters a bit, mid range has low power, but once i got into it on the top end it flew like a bat out of hell. But kept wanting to shut down on me after a few seconds at 3/4 throttle. I have narrowed that all down to fuel lines and carb issues, but there is one other problem. The 3rd piston (closest to the front of ski) is only giving me 70 PSI compression and had a slight oily black substance leak out around the plug after riding. So now the question is, is it okay for me to swap over a piston, rings, and cylinder from the SLTX that has 120 PSI and just bolt right on no questions asked? Or should I tear it down and hone them all and replace all the rings? The SLTX has 115,120,100 and the SL shows 115,107,70 so maybe swap out two of the cylinders so I have the strongest engine possible? That being said it looks like the pistons in the SLTX are .050 over considering the top of the CEN piston says 050 in small letters on it. Thoughts???

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    I suppose you can move two oversize cylinders with pistons over. It should run. You need to think about how much life the remaining cylinder has, since it is as old as the other two you are removing.

    Don't forget to 'clock' the cylinders using the exhaust manifold (without manifold gaskets) before torquing the cylinders down.

    Tip: Cylinders are numbered from the front of the engine;
    1 2 3 or MAG, CEN, PTO

    Certainly you need to service the fuel system if you have not yet.

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    All those compression numbers seem low.

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    I would just rebuild the top end on the SL 1050 those compression numbers are on the low end.

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    So if they are all low, are you saying I should get new pistons and rebuild the whole top end? Or just get a top end gasket kit with new rings and rebuild? Could you please explain the "clock" term or let me know where to learn more about it.

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    Planning on rebuilding the carbs and redo-ing all of the fuel lines as part of the rebuild.

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    I guess I am now looking at just pulling the whole motor from the SLTX and rebuilding it completely then dropping it into the SL1050, then I can rebuild the SL motor at a later date.

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    Is that to cheap for a whole piston kit? Just wondering if their quality is lower or the material is worse? I may pull the trigger on this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssmi291 View Post
    Is that to cheap for a whole piston kit? Just wondering if their quality is lower or the material is worse? I may pull the trigger on this.
    Wiseco pistons are ok. But you MUST let it warm up or youll stick a piston. I have them in my slt and no issues but I am religious warming it up.

    I have a set of 1050 cyls and pistons. Would be best to re ring them and new bearings. But pistons are good. So are cyls. Engine seized a crank bearing.

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    I think my pistons and cylinders are actually in good shape, just need a touch up with the hone and some new rings. I was just wondering if they were cheap for a reason. When you say warm up how long are we talking???

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