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    Have you coated your piston with ceramic and Molycoat baked on finishes

    I considering applying ceramic to the piston crowns, Molykote to the skirt, and oil shedding to the underside. The ceramic coating is also applied the exhaust manifold and headers. These coatings were used by NASA to protect parts from extreme heat and to lubricate moving parts in space. Since this is the performance forum look a this link,

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    Im wondering if anyone has ever cryogenically frozen them as well. Would be something to strongly consider.
    Here is a web site that explains is benefits.

    basically it aligns the crystalline structure and removes stress. I have heard about one company that used to give out disposable razors to men and nylons to women as product demos , the razors would stay sharp for months ,and the nylons wouldn't run ,it is really amazing what it did.

    Anyways, just a thought.

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