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    Waverunner Pulling to One Side! Just purchased. Need help!

    I just purchased a used 2003 Yamaha Waverunner GX800R. It has 75 hours on it. We got it home and it starts and runs great, but pulls to the left and makes it VERY unstable and it is near impossible to make a right hand turn.

    Any ideas on all possibilities that might be wrong, please advise!

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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    Check the pump bolts and see if your missing any??
    Also check the intake grate and make sure its level and fully bolted in..

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    Make sure your nozzle is adjusted straight..and if it has an after market intake grate make sure there is even spacing from side to side.

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    Are you missing a sponson?

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    Does it actully pull to the left or lean on it left side ? The reason I ask this is my friends, Yamaha 800 ... took on water that was settling on the ski's left side and kept causing the ski to pull left. Every time he would get back to dock and check under the seat ... little or no water remained. The bilge did its job as he would head back in ... it stumped him for some time. It was not until he stopped on open water after a pulling event he stood up and opened the seat ... a shit load of water was in his ski. Later discovered he had worn shaft seal. Good Luck

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