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    Question Does this look blown up?

    I just replaced my motor and followed this break in procedure right up until I burnt the first 10 gallons and went to replace the plugs. Break in - I was replacing my plugs I noticed that my oil pump intake nipple had come out so sometime during the first half of the break in my pump stopped feeding the engine. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now the break in says to Add oil to the straight gas as well as running your oil pump. So even though my oil pump stopped feeding I was still running a 40:1 ratio. When I replaced my plugs the ones I took out had very small bits of metal on them not much but enough to remind me of when my old motor blew up.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My question is, is it normal to have a little build up on your plugs after a break in? Or is this a result from lack of oil because of the pump failure. You think I blew it up? I'll have to do a compression test next time I go to the cottage. Below are pics of the plugs I took out. Thanks for everything guys. Let me know what you think! (sorry for the dashes it wouldn't let me make paragraphs)

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    Compression test will tell the story..
    Metal on plugs is never good...

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    That metal came from somewhere.

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    Yeah I know, I'm just trying to think positive maybe it's from breaking in the new rings or because its so light like a speckle maybe it's from the cylinder wall when it got hot because it was missing Half the oil. Who knows just frustrating how this has happened so soon

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