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    Electrical issue with 94 slt 750 every thing stays powered up

    ok bought a 95 slt 750 jet ski it had the dreaded burnt ground wire running from the aluminum electrical box to the stator. so I opend the harness from the box to the stator and replaced the wire from end to end or as far as i could on the stator. when i started to put it back together. I was putting the front cover back on and noticed that the multifunction display was powered up so i stoped there and and tried the starter button without putting the tether on the ski. to my suprise it started up without the tether i quickly yanked the plug wires to shut it down because it did not have the exaust system installed. so then I did some checking with an ohm meter i first checked the tether switch at the blk/y and the blk wire in the box it reads 1.0 ohm when not tethered and infinite when tethered i also checked the circuit breaker it checked ok. I then did a visual inspection of all the wires in the box it apears that all wires on on their proper terminals blu to blu blk/y to blk/y
    blk to blk and so on was wondering has anyone seen this problem and if so what do i do.THANKS FOR ANY HELP!.
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