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    1997 sl1050 killing mfd

    Like the title says I have a 97 sl1050 that has killed its second mfd in 2 weeks.. Any ideas?? I use a batt disconnect on the ground side as to not kill the batt when in storage I load ski on trailer put "key" in disconnect and turn it on and ski fires up but again no display on mfd.. Open box and 1/4 amp fuse is good also has batt/13 volts.. Could the disconnect be voltage spiking the display with only the 1/4amp fuse?? Also anyone know how to fix these mfds?? I now have 2 paper weights.. And am in search of another good mfd.. All help is greatly appreciated!!

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    There is no reason to have the disconnect on the battery. There is nothing on these machines that will drain the battery. The clock on the MFD stays on all the time, but it can sit for months without killing the battery. Check all the wiring between the terminal board and MFD and see if anything isn't right.

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    Indeed, the MFD does not normally 'drain' the battery. The tiny power draw used to run the clock would take many months to run a healthy AGM battery down. Old-school lead-acid batteries self discharge in just a couple of months, regardless of whether the display is connected.

    Something is killing your displays. Since the battery cut-off switch is non-standard, I would remove that as a starting point. These machines really like a solid ground connection. If that switch is internally carboned up or 'dirty' or has resistive contacts, or electrically 'bounces' when being turned, it will cause problems.

    Behind that, make sure the engine ground end of the battery cable has clean metal to metal contact, including the bolt and bolt threads.

    Inside the electrical box it should have zero moisture and no corrosion.

    Check all wires for looseness, fraying, insulation damage, etc.

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