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    Winterization.......battery tender on 12V?

    I used a higher end battery tender on my battery last year and it held a charge,but failed a load test on it ,so replaced with a new drycell.The battery shop wre I bought it felt that leaving the battery hooked up to a milliamp/desulphanation tender was not the best practice for battery longevity.just wondering what other people do for longer term storage...6 months plus.

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    I don't use a tender. I store 8 machines over the winter. I remove the batteries for the winter. I fully charge them, the once every two months, I give them another full charge. Then in the spring, I charge them again and install them.
    They are stored in an unheralded garage and hold a charge very well.

    Tenders, not sure how good they are, I tend to think batteries like a more substantial charge than a tender can deliver.

    I got 13 years out of my Ultra battery.

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    I do the opposite. I have 6 batteries that sit in an unheated garage on tenders. I also have not any issues by doing it. I may go 4 months before going up there, that is why I use tenders.

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    I tell all my customers to remove the battery and 1 day a month for 1 full day put it on a trickle charger in the off season.

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    Battery tender +1

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    Ok,thanks for the insight.......

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    Battery tenders are a bad idea. The best way to store batteries is to disconnect them, store them in a cool place, and hit them with a normal charger for a short time every month or two.

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