Rad Dude River Ride Sunday September 8th, CT River, Come ride!

Black Chris will be in town so we are going to show him the river the right way.

Rad Dudes River Ride! Thatís right boys come down for a day of fun river riding. We are meeting at our local drop in on the CT River (Glastonbury CT) Sunday morning at 10am.
-500 Tryon St Glastonbury, CT 06073
This is a open farm right across the Street from a road call Duffords Landing. Itís a dirt road that you drive down to the water. Itís free! Everywhere else is $25-$35
Here is a map

Bring gas jugs and food because we are going down river to ďThe IslandĒ for a day of riding. We will have boats and big skis to haul your gas. We will have Beer all free from the Rad Dudes.

The Ride area

Just make sure your ski is registered and you have a boating license. There are no cops in our island ride area but I have to say it.