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    MSX 140 Pump Re-Rebuild

    Noticed a bad bearing noise coming from my 04 MSX140 yesterday so I took the pump off when I got home. The cause was immediately clear: the tail cone only had one of three screws in it, and water had been permitted to damage the aft bearing.

    I changed these bearings about 35 hours ago with a kit I bought on ebay, and had my concerns about the tail cone gasket when I was putting it back together. The problem I encountered with the aftermarket kit is that the rubber gasket is of a softer material than the original,and squeezes out the sides of the tail cone with a minimal amount of torque on the hex head screws. For this reason, I did not snug them down as much as I ordinarily would in order to avert pinching and tearing the gasket The result was two missing screws and a waster bearing.

    I happened to have another kit in my garage so I changed the bearings and seals again today. This time I discarded the kit gasket and substituted the original Polaris gasket that I had saved from the first time I changed the bearings. Although I usually wouldn't, I used RTV silicone on both sides of the gasket, and Loctite Red on the three (new) stainless screws. The factory gasket does not squeeze out the sides when I tighten the screws, and I feel optimistic that this set of bearings will get better mileage.

    My question is: How have others handled this problem, and does anyone know where one can get his hands on the factory Polaris gaskets?


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    I don't use a gasket at all. I have found the large o ring inside the stator to be sufficient. I have also used a thin layer of RTV on the mating surface for the cone, but usually use nothing. Just be sure to grease the o ring. I also put some grease on the back side of that bearing just to help keep water away from it.

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    I silicone grease the rubber oring and rtv the cone, does the job nicely.

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    I had not put the pump back on the ski yet, so I removed the gasket and RTV'd the tail cone. Also used blue loctits on the screws. Thanks for the advice guys.

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