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    What year did BRP switch to metal oil filter caps?

    My boats are 2006, and I just went and checked and (from what I can tell by tapping on them) the oil filter caps are metal. Anyone know when they made the switch from plastic to the metal ones?

    Also, I noticed that the oil filter cap wasn't completely round. One side is partially flat, and I can see part of the O-ring exposed. Normal?

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    my 03 was plastic and my 05 is metal

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    So it was either '04 or '05!

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    My 04 is metal

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    And yes, it is supposed to be flat on one side

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    I have an 04 and 05 and they are both metal.

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    plastic covers should be replaced with the newer metal style. They had an issue with leaking. They also take the newer O-rings.

    The complete newer style caps ( with bolt) self eject from the housing when you loosen the bolt. well worth the upgrade cost on that point alone.

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    Totally agreed, nmpeter. I was asking so I could be accurate in my blog post:

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