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    Cool Getting ready for winter

    Hi Guys, just wondering if anyone has a step by step video of winerizing a 2012 300X....Thanks !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxfire View Post
    Hi Guys, just wondering if anyone has a step by step video of winerizing a 2012 300X
    I don't think there is a video. Chap 15 of the service manual should be referenced, or my short list: 1) if storing more than 3-4 months it's probably better to drain the tank, otherwise you can add Sta-bil Marine formula, 2) fog the supercharger, 3) pull the plugs and fog the cylinders, then replace plugs, 4) change the oil (if you prefer, I usually do it in the spring), 5) use silicone spray on engine bay and jet pump, 6) hook up Battery Tender - I'm sure there are a few more things, certainly wash and wax, but these are the basics

    Just curious, where are you located?

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    Northeastern Ohio....Why do you ask ?....thanks for your responce !!!

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